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VPH 2010

30 Sep 2010 to 01 Oct 2010
Brussels, Belgium

The first of a series of international VPH Conferences (VPH2010) will be organised by the Virtual Physiological Human Network of Excellence - VPH NoE in Brussels on 30th September to 1st October, 2010. This first meeting will be held in Brussels,  Belgium, and is supported by the European Commission ICT for Health / DG Information Society and Media.

The Virtual Physiological Human Network of Excellence is an umbrella project representing the Virtual Physiological Human Initiative set up by the European Commission with a budget of ~ 350 million Euros for the Framework 7 Program. The conference series is designed to be a key resource for the  VPH NoE  to produce a ‘VPH Vision and Strategy Document’ to inform the next European Commission calls for the VPH  field for FP7, FP8 and for European large infrastructural actions.

The meeting on 30th September – 1st October will be dedicated to the VPH Initiative, bringing together key representatives from VPH groups, Industry and Clinics. The first meeting is designed to be a relatively small meeting up to a maximum of 200 participants with high profile key speakers and will contain the very best of VPH research.  Parallel sessions will be held on both days with proposed topics in five main themes: Organ Systems, Modelling Scales, Research Methodology, Application Domains and Data Access and Information Assurance.

More information about the meeting can be found on the website mentioned below.