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CWI Life Sciences Seminar - Many-core Modularity Graph Clustering

30 Mar 2012
15:00 to 18:00
CWI, room L017, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The titel of the next CWI Life Sciences Seminar is: 'Many-core Modularity Graph Clustering', and will be presented by Bas Fagginger Auer (joint work with Prof. Rob Bisseling).

Agglomerative clustering is an effective greedy way to quickly generate graph clusterings of high modularity in a small amount of time. In an effort to use the power offered by many-core CPU and GPU hardware to solve the clustering problem, they introduce a fast fine-grained shared-memory parallel graph clustering heuristic. As an application, they will consider this heuristic in the context of clustering a gene co-expression network repeatedly with varying edge weights.