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Metagenomics seminar

19 Jun 2012

The next metagenomics seminar will be held on June 19th in Utrecht. This meeting will feature presentations from both academic and industry groups and ample time for discussion.

Three presentations are:

  • "Impact of dietary polyphenols on the human gut microbiota metatranscriptome" by Selin Bolca (Gent University/Unilever R&D)
  • "Investigating changes in the viral quasispecies using next-generation sequencing" by Matthijs Welkers (AMC)
  • "New RNA-seq based plans & strategies in metagenomics study" by Irina Pulyakhina (LUMC)

Please find the program and the location details at the meeting's webpage:

About 40 seats are available. Participation is free. To register, please send an E-mail to Leon Mei.