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Introduction to NGS; technologies, applications, and data analysis

General info

02 Apr 2013 - 05 Apr 2013 
Breda, the Netherlands
NGS; Chip-seq; RNA expression profiling; miRNAprofiling; Re-sequencing; SNP discovery; Hyb capture (array and in solution); Paired end mapping
Avans Hogeschool
Frances van Ineveld


DNA sequencing technologies are currently developing at an incredible speed and new applications are presented monthly. The aim of this course is to introduce next generation sequencing technologies, highlight different applications of these new technologies, and show ways to analyse data.

This course has been developed for technicians and PhD students who are interested in, planning, or already working with next-generation sequencing. We welcome researchers from both the genomics and bioinformatics fields. Currently available technologies, applications, as well as hardware and software solutions will be presented and discussed.

We offer a three-day short-course consisting of a series of lectures on the technologies and applications of next generation sequencing and "hands-on" data analysis practicals. Furthermore we offer an additional course day for those partcipants who would like to get more skills in Linux based GAPSS data analysis pipelines. All participants will receive a practical manual containing all used protocols. 

This course will be given in English.

Different teachers are invited from the Netherlands and Belgium to give lectures and practicals. The course is organised in collaboration with Dr. J.T. den Dunnen, Leiden Genome Technology Center, Human Genetics, LUMC, Leiden. 


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