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Bioinformatics in Berlin


29 Apr 2013

July 19-23 the international conference ISMB/ECCB 2013 is organised in Berlin. Two workshops at this conference are co-organized by people from the NBIC network.

Driven by the impact of technology in diverse areas, bioinformatics is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary, and in parallel so too are the audiences seeking bioinformatics training. That’s why Celia van Gelder (CMBI Nijmegen, NBIC) and her international colleagues in bioinformatics education are organising a workshop to bring awareness to the bioinformatics training needs of these new audiences.

The workshop will consist of presentations on the topics of 1) how a medically trained audience thinks and learns about bioinformatics and the opportunities for new tools for the clinical setting; and 2) opportunities and strategies for providing bioinformatics training to an engaged, savvy public. Hienke Sminia (NBIC) will share her experiences with activities and exhibits for the general public (from ages 5 to 99).

Marco Roos (LUMC) is co-organizing another workshop which explains what bioinformaticians need to know about digital publishing beyond the PDF. The aim of this workshop is to inform participants of ISMB/ECCB 2013 of changes and new opportunities in scientific communication. It addresses guidelines and tools that enable contributions to be exposed in machine-readable formats, ready for evaluation, interoperation, reuse, and attribution. In addition two Technology Track sessions will highlight aspects of digital publishing, one focussing on the ‘Open Pharmacological Space’, and one on Research Objects and Nanopublications as means to organising and exposing your methods and results in a digital form. NBIC partners associated with the Interoperability Task Force play a prominent role in organising these events and developing these standards

More information about the workshops can be found on the conference website of ISMB/ECCB2013.