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The Power of RNA seq


23 May 2013

The NBIC Research PhD School for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology was announced to the NBIC Faculty during the Netherlands Bioinformatics Conference (NBIC2013) in April this year. The NBIC research school will thrive on the cooperation with related universities and research groups, and local graduate schools. ‘The power of RNA-seq’ course will be one of the first activities ‘avant la lettre’. This introductory course is organised by the Wageningen University graduate school Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS) and NBIC for both PhD students of EPS & WUR staff and national NBIC participants.

  • Date: June 5-7th, 2013
  • Venue: Wageningen University, the Netherlands
  • Organised by: Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS) & NBIC
  • Keywords: designing your RNA-seq experiment, sequencing, mapping, quality control & statistics, RNA-seq data analysis pipeline, transcript identification, differential expression, special applications of RNA-seq, extracting biology.

This 3-day course consists of lectures in the morning and extensive hands-on computer practicals in the afternoon using Galaxy, R and webtools. You'll learn about all aspects of RNA-seq during the morning lectures, but also the context, applicability, power and expected results of RNA-seq experiments are covered. During the practicals you'll learn the basic steps an RNA-seq pipeline consist of, how to interpret your data and to put the results to use in your research project.

There are still seats available and you can register via the application form.

Contact: Patrick Koks (