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Benelux Bioinformatics Conference 2011

12 Dec 2011 to 13 Dec 2011

BBC11, the sixth BeNeLux Bioinformatics Conference, will be held in Luxembourg on December 12th and 13th, 2011.

BBC11 will discuss advances in bioinformatics and interrelated disciplines, and their wide-ranging applications in health and biotechnologies. BBC11 will deliver a cross-disciplinary scientific program of oral and poster presentations, as well as other opportunities to explore innovative ideas.

A key theme of BBC11 will be "Bioinformatics: Enabling Translational Biomedical Research". The programme includes invited talks and networking activities to promote the role of bioinformatics in finding better ways to prevent, detect and treat disease.

Invited speakers:

  • Thomas Lengauer, Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik, Germany
  • Burkhard Rost, Technical University Munich, Germany
  • Peter van der Spek, Erasmus Medical Center, The Netherlands
  • Ioannis Xenarios, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and Vital-IT

You can find more information about the BBC 2011 on the conference website:

Registration deadline: 27 November 2011
Abstract submission deadline: 28 October 2011

You can also follow the updates on twitter: