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Workshop Software Licensing and Valorization

25 May 2012
11:00 to 15:30
Utrecht, SURF Foundation

Many software projects in the life sciences are written as "open source". But do we actually know what that means? What is "open source"? Is it different from "Public Domain?" What is a License? And how and when do I choose one? Do I need to claim copyrights? Can open source software be monetized or otherwise valorized? Can open source and closed source software be working together?

Legal issues surrounding software are not the specialty of bioinformatics programmers, nor from their (biology-oriented) group leaders. It is, however, for both of these groups very important to have a basic understanding about software licensing. To inform as many people as possible, NBIC and NMC together are organizing a one day workshop on Software licensing and valorization.

This workshop is organized  together with NMC and Technology Transfer Offices. 

In the morning session a lecture will introduce you to software copyright and what a license can and can not do, with examples of existing open source licenses. A second lecture will add a valorization perspective: open source in company practice.

In the afternoon session we will discuss licensing issues around software projects from participants in the workshop. Participants are encouraged to contact us with their own experience and questions.

For more information and the registration form check here.