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Code Jam OpenSocial gadgets

29 Nov 2012
10:00 to 22:00
SURFnet, Utrecht.

SURFacademy is organizing the second edition of the Code Jam OpenSocial gadgets. They challenge you to build an OpenSocial gadget for Research and Higher Education in just one day. For example an RSS feed, a gadget for sharing useful links with group members, a Twitter-fountain. A professional jury judges these OpenSocial gadgets and the best gadgets win the SURFconext OpenSocial Award. All gadgets will be made available to the research and education community and will be shared in the SURFconext OpenSocial gadget store.

OpenSocial gadgets
An OpenSocial gadget is a simple HTML or JavaScript application that can access user and group information via SURFconext. An OpenSocial gadget can be used in any portal that is OpenSocial compliant. Like many institutions’ portals, Apache Rave, Life ray, Confluence, Hyves, iGoogle and SURFnet’s SURFconext demo portal.

Code Jam
The Code Jam is an intense day; in only one day you create an OpenSocial gadget from scratch. You can work in a team or individually with help from SURFnet’s OpenSocial experts.

The day starts with inspiring presentations on OpenSocial, SURFconext and some nice examples. OpenSocial-expert Sander van der Waal speaks about the power of OpenSocial gadgets. Sander works for Oxford University at OSS Watch, a services that advises the academic sector of the United Kingdom about open source software.

After this kickoff participants present themselves and their ideas to the jury. Then the real work starts: in a team or individually you develop a working gadget. The team of experts is available for support. At the end of the day the teams present their gadgets and the jury chooses a winner.

SURFconext OpenSocial Award
All gadgets will be judged on implementation, usability, portal independence, innovation and value research and/or education. The best OpenSocial gadget wins the SURFconext OpenSocial Award. An experienced OpenSocial will be hired for 1 day to further develop the gadget into a killer app for research and/or education.

Target group
The Code Jam is aimed at application designers and developers, functional application managers, communication, information and education specialists. Students interested in developing gadgets are also invited.

The Code Jam starts at 10.00am and ends at 10.00pm.

Sign up
Sign up for the Code Jam OpenSocial gadgets. A maximum of 25 participants can join the Code Jam. You can sign up until November 16th 2012.

This event is free of charge.

Please send your gadget ideas at .

You can signup individually or as a (multidisciplinary) team of max 3 participants. You need a laptop and basis programming skills in JavaScript and/or HTML within each team. Knowledge of OpenSocial gadgets is not necessary; the required information on developing OpenSocial gadgets and SURFconext will be supplied.

When more than 25 participants signup, a selection will be made. By signing up you agree with the condition that the OpenSocial gadget will be made available to the SURFnet community and will be shared in the SURFconext OpenSocial gadget store.

If you are unable to attend please inform SURFnet  / 030-2305305.

SURFnet, Utrecht (route)