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e-BioGrid Workshop 2011

10 Nov 2011
10:00 to 17:00
Science Park Amsterdam

e-BioGrid Workshop 2011: e-Science Infrastructure for Life Science Research
Requirements and frameworks

Language: English
Participation: free. Please send an email to e-BioGrid if you would like to participate.

The workshop reviews the requirements and framework solutions for e-science infrastructure in life sciences. What computing infrastructure works best for next-generation sequencing data analyses? Which job submission framework is most scalable? What works best for biologists? This and more ..

The focus of this workshop is primarily on the needs for e-science and computing infrastructure in life science research, and what is available on the Dutch e-science infrastructure. We will review and discuss the matching of requirements and technological frameworks, and identify standards and priorities for developments where possible. Requirements are presented from the technology application areas next-generation sequencing, microarray technology, mass spectrometry, nanoscopy, medical imaging, and structural modeling. We zoom in on the available infrastructure and frameworks for job submission.

Is Cloud computing the way to go for life sciences? For which software or data structures is Grid computing more suitable? We will elaborate on the developments in computing infrastructures with respect to current and upcoming data analysis and modeling requirements in life sciences.

We invite programmers and bioinformaticians as well as projectleaders and principical investigators, from the life science application areas.

For more information about the program, click here.

The workshop is organised by the e-BioGrid project of BiG Grid and NBIC that helps Life Science programmers to use the Dutch infrastructure.