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Life Science Technology Event

26 Nov 2013
09:00 to 16:00
Holiday Inn, Leiden

FHI and DTL are organizing the 1st Dutch Life Science Technology event to present the Dutch strength to apply advanced technologies in life science research and development. The aim of the event is to exchange the latest developments and trends in technology application among technology suppliers, developers, and life scientists. The focus will be on the latest developments in technology areas such as next generation sequencing, metabolic profiling and proteome analysis; and –of course - the integration and interpretation of the big data that evolve from the application of these technologies.

The programme offers a selection of collaborative projects between academia and industry; gives insight in the technological needs of principal investigators; and demonstrates the promises of the latest technologies applied in scientific research projects. In two parallel sessions the programme will zoom in on exemplary projects in the Health and Nutrition sectors, both with speakers from academia, medical centres and companies.

Confirmed speakers

  • Joris Veltman, UMC St Radboud
  • Thomas Hankemeier, Leiden University
  • Ron Kerkhoven, Nederlands Kanker Instituut
  • Robert Hall, WUR
  • Peter van der Spek, Erasmus MC
  • Michael Muller, Wageningen UR
  • Ben van Ommen, TNO

More information and registration
Please visit the conference website for more information about the programme and registration:

About FHI
FHI is a federation of technology companies that supply industrial electronics, industrial automation, industrial lab technology and medical technology for the Dutch market. De federation functions as a network and its activities are aimed at collective marketing, individual services and looking after the interests of more than eight hundred companies that are member of the FHI.  Companies affiliated with the FHI branches Laboratory Technology and Medical Technology are already interested in organizing the Life Science Technology Event.  

About DTL
The Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences (DTL) develops as a collaborative platform of science and technology research groups and organisations in the Dutch clinical & health, nutrition, agrogenomics and industrial microbiology sectors. Within the DTL platform researchers from academia and industry find easy access to advanced life science technology and data expertise, equipment and e-infrastructure, software and databases, as well as training and education available in the DTL partner groups.