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BBC12 Conference retrospective

This years’ BeNeLux Bioinformatics Conference 2012 (BBC12) was organized by the CMBI and NBIC on December 10 and 11 at the UMC St Radboud in Nijmegen. Over 200 enthusiast bioinformatics researchers from Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, visited the 2-day meeting.

A photo impression can be found here:

In an informal scientific atmosphere they presented a variety of bioinformatics topics that all were related to interfaces. Christine Orengo and Franca Fraternali, both from London, presented nice key-note lectures of different aspects of protein-protein interfaces. The presentations were generally of a very high level, and all speakers were a dream for their session chair in terms of being prepared and sticking to the alotted time.

The posters were presented in the hotel bar after the conference dinner and lead to numerous interesting discussions in a relaxed setting. The fact that the posters were hanging in the bar had as great benefit that people could not leave the poster session to go to the bar...

Overall the conference was a great success that was made possible by excellent participants who fitted nicely in the plan of Barbara, Femke, and 'the white T-shirts'. Their organisational skills are to be applauded extra if you keep in mind that they were asked to organize the meeting less than 100 days before it took place. The university medical centre gave us access to their nicest conference room and this definitely helped a lot in terms of organisation and Next year two Universities in Brussels will co-host the BBC 2013.

The juries had a hard task selecting the best presentations, but arrived at a series of awards:

Best oral presentation:

  • First prize: Ate van der Burgt (Wageningen UR) 
  • Second prize: Joachim Bargsten (Wageningen UR)
  • Third prize: Jolien van Hooff (master student)

The ‘contribution’ that has helped man-kind most in its strive for knowledge:

  • First prize: Griet Laenen (KU Leuven). She was also co-first in the best oral presentation section!

The poster with the most original presentation technique:

  • First prize: Enrico Glaab (University of Luxembourg)
  • Second prize: Konrad Zych (Groningen Bioinformatics Center)
  • Third prize: Ireneusz Stolarek (Genetwister Technologies

The best poster overall:

  • First prize: Rob ter Horst (UMC St. Radboud)
  • Second prize: Brend Wanders (University of Twente)
  • Third prize: Saskia Hiltemann (Erasmus MC)

The best defended/presented poster:

  • First prize: Daan Speth (Radboud University Nijmegen)
  • Second prize: Ryo Sakai (KU Leuven)
  • Third prize: Hui-Chun Lu (King's College, London)

Poster commercials/flashes: 

Best presentation:

  • First prize: Ireneusz Stolarek (Genetwister Technologies)
  • Second prize: Ryo Sakai (KU Leuven)

Overall best commercial:

  • First prize: Alejandro Sifrim (KU Leuven)
  • Second prize: Konrad Zych (Groningen Bioinformatics Center)
  • Third prize: Michiel Stock (KERMIT, University of Gent)

Most original poster commercial:

  • Rachel Cavill (Maastricht University)

A Storify with tweets and pictures of the conference can be found here: A photo impression of the conference will soon be available.

You can download the abstract book of the conference, click here (PDF file).