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Abstract submission

Abstracts can be submitted for:

  • Oral presentation (closed)
  • A poster
  • An application showcase

Extended deadline abstracts for posters: April 2, 2012!

Notification of selection for oral presentations: April 2, 2012

Abstract review and selection

Abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee. We accept three abstract types:

  • oral presentation: a number of abstracts will be selected for a contributed lecture;
  • poster presentation: posters will be displayed during the coffee breaks of both conference days;
  • application showcase: a selection of applications will be presented during table top presentations, during the coffee breaks of both conference days.

Posters made available via

This year we have chosen to collaborate with, a new service using QR-codes. With these codes attached to posters, people interested in the content can scan and download your poster details with their smart phone (see example). The QR-code will allow people to talk about your poster with people outside the conference, by tweeting, or discussing it on facebook, opening a larger audience for your scientific work.

If you check the box i. 'Add my abstract to' below, we will add your NBIC poster details online at You will receive a QR code and instructions on how to incorporate the QR code in your poster by e-mail. You can also choose to attach the QR-code at the venue, where we will assist in generating the QR-code for your poster.

Submission instructions

The abstract submission for oral presentations, posters and application is closed.

If you have any questions about the abstact submission for this conference, please contact: Femke Francissen

1. Personal information
2. Abstract
  1. a. How will you present your research? You can select more than one option.*

  2. Only fill out if applicable!

  3. c. I submit an abstract for one of the satellite meetings:

  4. A URL to your poster or research on f.e. Nature Proceedings or F1000

  5. i. Add my abstract to