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BIUP Meeting - April 24

We invite you for the Bioinformatics Industrial User Platform (BIUP) meeting, which will be hosted by the Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre (NBIC) in Lunteren at April 24 during the Netherlands Bioinformatics Conference (NBIC 2012).

The meeting is aimed at representatives from industry.

The BIUP meeting will consist of two sessions as well as several other activities.

The morning session will be a closed session in which companies will come together to exchange their views on the bioinformatics research, infrastructure and education in the Netherlands.

The afternoon session will be an open Workshop on eBiomics by Patrick Koks (NBIC). Patrick Koks - last year’s BIUP poster prize winner - will give a demonstration of “eBiomics”, an e-learning platform in bioinformatics intended as a support to post-graduate students and scientists involved in omics or systems biology projects.


To participate in this meeting please register via the registration form for the Netherlands BioInformatics Conference (NBIC 2012) as soon as the registration opens. The registration also offers you the opportunity to visit the rest of the programme of the first day of the NBIC 2012, including:

  • keynote lectures
  • parallel sessions with scientific lectures on bioinformatics
  • conference lunch & exhibition
  • poster sessions
  • drinks in the afternoon
  • Conference diner and evening program (optional)

For details, please visit the Conference pages at the NBIC website.

About BIUP

The BioInformatics Industrial User Platform (BIUP) is a group of Dutch companies that use bioinformatics expertise and tools in research and product development.

BIUP members have a common interest in:

  • informal discussions between industrial parties that use bioinformatics tools for research and product development;
  • an infrastructure for joined bioinformatics research (e.g. safe data repository);
  • stimulating relevant bioinformatics research;
  • shaping the competences of the bioinformaticians of the future.