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Everyone with an active interest in bioinformatics is welcome to register for the Netherlands Bioinformatics Conference 2012.

  • Registration fees
  • RSG Retreat
  • BSc/MSc Students
  • Hotel rooms
  • Payment terms & conditions

Online registration is closed! It is still possible to register on site, at the registration desk, on April 24th or April 25th.

Registration fees

The registration fees include: participation to the conference and poster sessions participation, abstract book, lunch, coffee/tea during breaks, drinks during afternoon poster sessions, internet access. The fee for the evening programme includes: conference diner, evening activities and drinks.

Registration fee:

  • Participation on April 24 only (day programme): 100 euro
  • Participation on April 24, evening (diner & drinks & evening programme): 50 euro
  • Participation on April 25 only: 100 euro
  • Participation on both April 24 & 25 (excl. evening): 150 euro

Extra costs:

  • Hotel room for April 24 (private room): 80 euro
  • Hotel room for April 24 (shared room): 50 euro
  • Participation in the RSG retreat on April 23 (with shared room): 50 euro
  • Participation in the RSG retreat on April 23 (with private room): 80 euro
  • Participation in the RSG retreat on April 23 (without accommodation): 30 euro

All costs mentioned include 19% V.A.T.

Registration categories:

There are 5 different fee categories (called ticket groups in the registration form):

  1. Industry (working in a for-profit organisation): full fee
  2. Academic (working in a not-for-profit organisation): 25% discount
  3. Industry NBIC Partner*: 25% discount
  4. Academic NBIC Partner*: 37,5% discount
  5. NBIC Position (NBIC funded project personnel, PhD students, Postdocs or scientific programmers, working on a NBIC funded position in BioRange or BioAssist (no matching!)): special fee (April 24: 37,50 euro, April 25: 37,50 euro, Both days (incl. conference dinerr & evening programme April 24): 75 euro)

* A list of NBIC Partner Organisations can be found here

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RSG retreat

On April 23rd, a PhD retreat is organised by the Regional Student Group (RSG). On the registration form you can indicate if you would like to participate in the RSG Retreat. The registration fee for participating in the RSG Retreat is mentioned under 'Extra costs', under the header 'Registration fees' above. More information about the RSG retreat.

BSc/MSc Students

BSc and MSc students in the final year of their education programme are also very welcome to visit the NBIC 2012. Students follow a different registration process; please contact Celia van Gelder for more information and registration.

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Hotel rooms

As this will be a 2-day meeting, we have arranged for hotel accommodation on site; we offer private and shared rooms. There is a limited number of hotel rooms available, people with a NBIC position have priority, also shared rooms have priority above private rooms. Therefore (private) rooms cannot be guaranteed, we will contact you in case your room choice is no longer available.
During the registration procedure you can indicate if you would like to share a room with a specific person by filling out his or her name and e-mail address. If you leave this field open the organizers will choose a roommate for you.

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Payment terms & conditions

  • Payment policy
    We ask you to register before April 1, 2012. Payment of the registration fee is included in the registration procedure. We accept MasterCard, VISA and American Express credit cards, PayPal, iDeal and Direct e-banking. A final confirmation will be sent by e-mail.
  • Cancellation policy
    Registrations can be cancelled at no cost*** until April 1st, 2012 through 'your registration page’, you will find the link to this page in your confirmation e-mail. Unfortunately, refunds cannot be made for cancellations after April 1.
    *** You will receive a total refund of registration and hotel costs through bank transfer, we will get in touch with you shortly after receiving your cancellation. Transaction costs will not be refunded.
  • Changing your registration
    After completion of the registration/payment process the registration fee (and therewith items that influence this fee) cannot be changed. E.g. you can still change the name of the person you would like to share a room with but you cannot change the room type from private to shared or vice versa.
  • Accept of Confirm terms & conditions
    During the registration process you will be asked to confirm you agree with the above mentioned terms and conditions.

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Registration Form

Online registration is closed! It is still possible to register on site, at the registration desk, on April 24th or April 25th.