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Boer, Judith M. Dr.

Picture of Boer, Judith M. Dr.

General info

Street / P.O. Box
P.O. Box 9600, Postzone S-04-P
Zip code
2300 RC
The Netherlands
Phone number(s)
+31 (0)71 5269422
+31 (0)71 5268285

Principal Research

Judith Boer studied Biomedical Sciences at Leiden University and received her PhD in the molecular genetics of leukemia from the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1997. She did a postdoc at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg where she pioneered expression profiling and applied this technology to renal cancer. In 2000 she moved to the LUMC where she was a driving force behind the analysis of DNA microarrays for gene expression, genome copy number and DNA methylation profiling. Dr. Boer was a shared principal investigator on a KWF grant to study the molecular classification of familial colorectal cancer by integrating expression and comparative genomic hybridization microarray data. In addition, she is co-PI of a ZonMW TOP grant to study immune response-related changes in HPV-positive keratinocyte transcriptomes. She is a bioinformatics project leader in the Centre for Medical Systems Biology, and she is a member of the national advisory committee of BioRange, the research program of the Netherlands Bioinformatics Center. In 2005 she was appointed assistant professor at the Center of Human and Clinical Genetics, LUMC. Since October 2010 she continued her research into integrated genomics, focusing on childhood leukemias at the Pediatric Oncology and Hematology group of the Erasmus MC - Sophia Children’s Hospital.

Projects involved (as participant)


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