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Dunnen, den Johan T. Prof. dr.

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General info

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+31 71 526 9501

Principal Research

Johan den Dunnen (born Nijmegen, Nederland in 1956, PhD in 1987 at Catholic University Nijmegen, Nederland) is a molecular biologist who specialized in genetic disease and genome technology. He is currently employed at the Center for Human and Clinical Genetics (Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, Nederland) and studies genetic disease in general and neuromuscular disorders (DMD/BMD, LGMD) in particular. As professor in "Medical Genomics" and head of the Leiden Genome Technology Center (LGTC), the genomics/transcriptomics facility of the LUMC, he focuses on the use of new high-throughput genome technology in the research and diagnosis of genetic disease, lately especially next generation sequencing. Besides over 200 peer-reviewed articles, his work resulted in several patents, amongst which for Array-on-Demand technology (licensed by FlexGen) and exon skipping as a potential treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (licensed by Prosensa).

The technology applied produced increasing amounts of data and around 2000 array-based technologies and high-throughput sequencing sparked a still growing group of bioinformaticians applied in his group. The focus of this work is currently on data analysis pipelines for sequencing, especially exome/genome sequencing and RNA expression, gene variant databases (the LOVD platform), biomarker profiling and biosemantics.


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