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Knowledge is like Love

26 Feb 2013

Barend Mons and his knowlets

February 25 Barend Mons gave his inaugural speech with the title “Knowledge is like Love..... it multiplies when shared“. In his lecture he described the new field of Biosemantics, and more specifically the methodology of nanopublications.

Professor Mons: “Biosemantics is indispensable to understand the complexity of biology. Not because biology is so much more complex than in the past, but simply because we uncover layer after layer of the complexity that was always invisibly there. With the advent of high-throughput technologies in the life sciences we have had a crisis in scientific communication evolving in stealth mode, which is now hitting with full force: an unmanageable amount of relevant data.”

With the explosion of information in the biomolecular field, there is a dire need for tools that assist biologists in retrieving, extracting, and relating information and knowledge in the literature and in molecular databases. This will be done in the new field of Biosemantics.

Barend Mons was appointed Professor of Biosemantics at the Leiden University Medical Centre, a chair established by NBIC. The Biosemantics group is a structural collaboration between two research groups in Leiden (LUMC) and Rotterdam (EMC) with a focus on in silico knowledge discovery in the life sciences.

You can read more in the full text of inaugural lecture Barend Mons.