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NBIC NGS course portfolio complete


05 Mar 2013

Metagenomis Course in Leiden

With the 'Metagenomics Approaches and Data Analysis’ that was held in Leiden recently, the NBIC NGS course portfolio has now reached its completion. The NGS courses form the major component of the Life Sciences (LS) track of the NBIC PhD School. The LS track was initiated by NBIC’s NGS Taskforce and the BioWise programme, and all courses are co-organised with other organisations. The LS Track is targeted at a broad audience of bioinformaticians and life sciences researchers and aims at disclosing the full spread of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) applications.

The NGS Course Portfolio now consists of:

  • one basic NGS course (coordinated by LUMC)
  • 4 advanced courses: 
  1. RNAseq Data Analysis, co-organised with LUMC and AMC
  2. Genomic Resequencing: Variant Detection and Interpretation in a Diagnostic Context, co-organised with the Centre for Genome Diagnostics (CGD) and UMC Radboud
  3. De novo assembly from NGS data, co-organised with WUR
  4. Metagenomics Approaches and Data Analysis, co-organised with LUMCUMC Radboud and NIZO Food Research.

In its short life, the advanced NGS courses programme has already attracted 180 participants. Approximate half of the participants are PhD-students in the Netherlands. Others include post-docs, people from industry and hospitals, and many people from abroad. Several NBIC BioAssist programmers have made substantial contribution to these courses: Jeroen Laros and Martijn Vermaat from LUMC, Rutger Brouwer from ErasmusMC, and Jan van Haarst from WUR.

All NGS courses will be provided on a yearly basis. We are also planning to implement new courses (e.g., Epigenomics) based on the request from the academic and industry community. We welcome your suggestions on how to improve or extend our course portfolio.

For more information & (pre-) registration for the NGS courses please see the PhD-school on the NBIC website.