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NBIC Research School for Bioinformatics & Computational Biology


16 May 2013

Jaap Heringa presents NBIC Research School proposition

Activities to set up the NBIC Research PhD School for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology are gaining momentum. The NBIC Research School aims to offer a vibrant national environment for the scientific development and education of integrative bioinformatics and computational (systems) biology. The research school should sustain and foster the close research community that NBIC has built over the years.

The power of RNA-seq’ course will be one of the first activities ‘avant la lettre’. This introductory course is organised by the Wageningen University graduate school Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS) in close collaboration with NBIC. for both PhD students of EPS & WUR staff and national NBIC participants.

The research school should underpin the integrative and cross-disciplinary activities within the Dutch Techcenter for the Life Sciences (DTL) and closely liaise with DTL’s Data Integration and Stewardship Centre (DISC). During the NBIC faculty meeting preceding NBIC2013, it was decided to include the computational aspects of systems biology in the main focus of the research school, which will yield a tight-knit, homogeneous community in bioinformatics and computational biology.

One of the main missions of the research school will be organising NBIC2014 and beyond. It is currently looked into what sustainable format the workshop may be organised in the years to come.