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Bioinformatics@school students team

Below a list can be found of the bioinformatics course tutors. The tutors are (university) students which visit schools and introduce high school students to the field of bioinformatics through an interactive practical programme.

Hienke Sminia

Coordinator bioinformatics@school (BioWise)  
tel: +31 24 3619501

Students team

Judith Rotink

"I’m a natural science and history student at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. My specialization is in biochemistry and science communication. Besides I have participated in different beta-education programs. Education is a form of science communication which I especially like. After five years I’m still enjoying giving bioinformatics lessons on high schools." 

Vera van Berlo

"I'm a fourth year biology student at the Radboud University. Although I'm not specialized in bioinformatics, I'm passionate about getting the students acquainted with this upcoming area of research as it acts as a bridge between multiple disciplines which the students are already familiar with. This kind of practical's give them more insight about their future study- and job related possibilities. Besides, this side job gave me the opportunity to find out whether education is "my thing" and it pushes me to improve my communication skills."

Tjeerd van Dijk

"I have been involved in DNA labs on the road since February 2011. What I like most about this project is the diversity of the work as not a single class is the same. Besides, this job has increased my knowledge of the Dutch highway system tremendously as I have attended schools ranging from Sittard till Delfzijl. As I am a master student Molecular Life Sciences(MLS), I attended multiple Bioinformatics courses during both the bachelor and master phase, which ensures I have plenty of in Bioinformatics background."

Gitte Bunthof

"In 2007 I started my study Molecular Life sciences. During my study I discovered that my interests were shifting for lab work to promoting beta science to high school students. When I heard there was a practical for high school students and that is was possible to work there I thought: that is a job that fits me perfectly. During the many practical's I discovered how nice it is when students understand what you are explaining. Every time I leave schools with a nice feeling that students learned something new and that they are more aware of the structure of proteins."

Jojanneke Voorhoeve

"I started to study Biology in Nijmegen in 2010. After one and a half years of obligatory courses, one can choose differentiation courses in different directions. My intention was to become a neuroscience researcher but during my bachelor I discovered that Biology has so much more interesting things, for example bioinformatics! I noticed how all Biology fields need IT, and that modern Biology needs bioinformatics for new developments. Like any other student, my month is usually longer than I can afford so I have a job. Fortunately, I found one that is fun to do: DNA labs on the road! This not only improves my own skills, it is also nice to see other people link information. In fact, I like it so much that I am reconsidering becoming a researcher!"

Thomas Vijverberg

"My name is Thomas Vijverberg. I am in my second year studying Chemistry at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. I joined the Bioinformatics@school in December 2012. This project is a great way to not only develop yourself, but also educate high school students. The Bioinformatics@school project is a fascinating way to connect high school students with modern research!"