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Bioinformatics as a didactical tool in high school

Together with the Freudenthal Institute, NBIC organizes trainings for high school teachers. During the training,the teachers are challenged to use bioinformatics in their classes. In order to prepare appropriate lessons, they are supported by NAVIGENE, a scheme that helps in navigating through bioinformatics.

Next to the teachers, also high school students can participate in the training.

Involved in this training project are Hienke Sminia, Dirk Jan Boerwinkel and Lauke Ringens.

Hienke works for bioinformatics@school, the NBIC education programme aimed at high schools and elementary schools. Lauke is doing here internship in the bioinformatics@school-project. Dirk Jan is educational researcher at the Freudenthal Institute for Science and Mathematics Education.

The progress in teacher trainings is a valuable addition to the existing educational programme of bioinformatics@school, which so far mainly included educational material for students related to the DNA lab on the road.

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