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NAVIGENE is a tool to navigate through bioinformatics. You can use it in class to design lessons on genomics, genes and proteins.

Please note:

  1. NAVIGENE is, and will always be, in development due to updates from tools, websites and new features in bioinformatics resources. Therefor not all information is completely up-to-date, instructions are not finished yet or missing (these are referred to as P. xx in the scheme).
  2. The original version of NAVIGENE is in Dutch. We quickly translated this version for international use, but there will probably be spelling mistakes and other translation errors in it.

If you plan to use the NAVIGENE, please keep us updated on your experiences! If you would like to edit the guide (translate to your own language, add information or improve otherwise), we are glad to help you. Just let us know!

Downloads: (version November 2014)