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DNA Labs on the Road

The Bioinformatics@school project is one of five high school practicals that are collectively known as the 'DNA Labs on the Road' – workshops that visit high schools upon request and each focus on a different topic within the 'omics' field. Next to NBIC's bioinformatics workshop, there are workshops on tumour profiling, industrial fermentation, plant research and protein folding related to disease.

For more information on the DNA Labs, please visit (English) or (Dutch).

Bioinformatics: a bit of life

NBIC's DNA-lab is centred on a forensic puzzle. The pupils have to discover the cause of death of an American tourist in Amsterdam through database searching. Next they will design an antidote against snake venom using 3D-software.

  • Two hour hands-on workshop
  • Assisted by students of Radboud University
  • With NBIC laptops or in the computer lab of school
  • Pupils use BLAST, ClustalW and 3D-structure software
  • Workshop travels throughout the Netherlands

Since the start of the Bioinformatics@school project in 2006, almost 11500 pupils (more than 400 high school classes) participated in the workshop.

Short movie on the DNA labs: