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Teacher network meeting 2011

On May 12-13 2011, teachers from the three Dutch HBO schools offering a bioinformatics BSc programme gathered at the Hanzehogeschool Groningen  for a teacher network meeting, organized by NBIC and LOBIN. The purpose of the meeting was twofold:  networking and learning about new developments in bioinformatics, to be more specific about Next Generation Sequencing.

Participants, speakers and teaching material

In total 17 participants attended the network meeting, amongst them nearly all teachers who currently teach bioinformatics in the HBO BSc programmes. Furthermore, a representative of Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen was present, the only school in Flanders that has a bioinformatics programme.  And finally, a staff member of the ebiomics project   for e-learning in bioinformatics  - for which NBIC acts as co-sponsor -  attended the meeting and presented their project.
Speakers were invited from Avans Hogeschool Breda,  Groningen Bioinformatics Centre and from the Genome Analysis Facility from UMCG Groningen. Material for the NGS part of the course was made available by LUMC Leiden, Avans Hogeschool Breda and the NGS Taskforce of NBIC BioAssist.


During the first day of the meeting all participating schools gave a presentation about their curriculum and current issues they are facing. After this there were parallel sessions where discussions took place about the Body of Knowledge and about possible collaborative actions to improve the visibility of bioinformatics and to attract more students.  Another group of teachers compared their teaching material (a.o. about statistics) and shared their experiences.  Plans were made to start a virtual teacher community between the schools.

Next Generation Sequencing

The second day was devoted to learning about NGS technology and applications, and also included hands-on sessions on ChIPseq and Galaxy. The NGS topic was suggested by the schools, since they are in the process of putting NGS as a subject in their curriculum.