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Outreach activities

NBIC outreach activities are not only for high school students and teachers as written in the high school education section, but also includes participation in science fairs and festivals. Some examples in which NBIC participared are listed below:

Contribute to science by playing games like Foldit, Phylo, Galaxy Zoo or Seafloor Explorer during Discovery Festival in NEMO, Amsterdam (September 2011 en 2012).

Look at your own DNA, find out how genetic testing works and look at 3D-proteins during the Dutch Technology Week in Eindhoven (June 2011 and 2012)

Compare your genetic profile with others and build sugar molecules of candy and tooth picks during the Dutch Technology Week in Eindhoven (June 2011 and 2012)

If you have any interest in doing similar activities on local fairs, don't hesitate to contact Hienke Sminia.

Hienke also presented her experiences with activities for the general public during the WEB2013 workshop on the ISMB. More information about this talk and a link to her presentation can be found here.