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Design and analysis of genetical genomics experiments

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01 Jan 2005 - 01 Oct 2010
Project leader(s)
Jansen, Ritsert C. Prof. dr.
Hijum, van Sacha Dr.


This project tackles the development of mathematical models, methods, algorithms and software for modern large-scale genetics experiments. The focus is on creating new approaches that are relevant for answering biological questions. An example is the reconstruction of cellular signalling pathways from large amounts of quantitative data. This way, it is attempted to obtain global measurements of gene activity in genetically diverse animals or plants, measuring the amount of messenger RNA for every single gene in the organism. Based on the slight differences in gene expression in each individual, it is then possible to infer how genes influence each other by direct or indirect regulatory connections.

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  • Genetical genomics: spotlight on QTL hotspots
  • Defining gene and QTL networks
  • PanCGH: a genotype-calling algorithm for pangenome CGH data
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