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Experimental design, sample size determination and data analysis

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01 Apr 2005 - 31 Dec 2009
Project leader(s)
Menezes, de Renee Dr.
Kampen, van Antoine Prof. dr.
Boer, Judith M. Dr.


This project aims to optimize the power of discovery in microarray studies, so that differentially expressed genes can be identified in a more cost effective, trustworthy, and rapid manner. 
 Microarrays are used both to investigate molecular processes and for molecular diagnostics. Their power is dependent upon such things as platform choice, experimental design, the type of biological material under study, the anticipated magnitude of differential expression, and methods for normalization and statistics. At several stages experimental noise, systematic bias, and variability can be introduced. To reduce all these experimental effects, experimental design choices and data analysis methods must be well considered and complementary.

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  • A multivariate version of the Benjamini-Hochberg method
  • Can subtle changes in gene expression be consistently detected with different microarray platforms?
  • SigWin-detector: a Grid-enabled workflow for discovering enriched windows of genomic features related to DNA sequences
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