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Genomics Task Force

The Genomics task force, sometimes also called Next Generation Sequencing task force (NGS), is working on a platform for common work flows in the treatment of data in high-throughput or next-generation sequencing.

The Principle Investigator of the task force is Johan den Dunnen, the assigned Project Leader from the engineering team is Leon Mei. Victor Guryev and Kai Ye are providing day-to-day scientific backup for the project leader.

You can find more information on the NBIC wiki pages for this task force.

What can the Task Force do for you?

The task force forms a group of experts on the bioinformatics of next generation sequencing techniques. For more information you can contact Leon Mei with any question. You are also welcome to join the monthly meetings of the task force where not only developers, but also users of the techniques discuss bioinformatics problems.